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We provide a safe, healthy, wholesome experience for the whole family that allows everyone to have a better body image and learn respect. We promote strong moral values through healthy lifestyle habits. Clothes-free recreation promotes self esteem, freedom and body acceptance. Plus it's fun!

Watch our 300th show added September 17th, 2014, here!
The wait is over, our 300th show is here! Special appearances from Brian, Aaron and more!

586 new photos added September 17th, 2014, here!
Including many new exclusive photos from the 2014 Burning Man and a lot more!

Scenes from the latest show:

On This Show: Join us on our 300th show extravaganza from California, Arizona, Florida and more! The wait is over and this might just be our best show ever! We have special appearances from Brian, Aaron, and even exclusive footage submitted by our loyal members! We also reminisce about all the great times we've had over the last 12 years and show clips of our favorite past episodes. We even have exclusive bodypainting footage from Comic Con and a whole lot more! You don't want to miss this amazing show!
Top Stories: Dating Naked show announces plans for a wedding special, recent Penang Games in Malaysia featuring wholesome nude recreation could get them all in big trouble, Savannah middle school teacher fired after nude pictures stolen from her phone, city officials allow naked bike ride in Missoula even after complaints from residents, new anotomically correct male doll is creating quite a stir, Skin Wars competition on GSN features art from Florida nudist, and more!
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Quote of the Day

  • Join the CFI crew at Deep Creek!

    Follow our crew armed with GoPro's and 5D's as they explore Deep Creek Hot Springs. Our mission is to showcase the worlds best clothing optional locations from an immersive and adventurous perspective.
    Enjoy this free clip from CFI!
  • Scenes from show #299:

    On This Show: Join us on this show from the Rockets & Sprockets Motorfest at Laguna Del Sol! We get an up close look at a truly amazing car, the Stanley Steamer! Don't miss your chance to check out this unique piece of history!
    Top Stories: now allows donations to the AANR Education Foundation, Munich declares 6 urban naked zones after expiration of previous sunbathing laws, Seattle's Fremont Solstice Parade celebrates it's 26th anniversary, in Spain the town of Vera passed a law in error banning nudity in the city, Salt Lake City high school students are upset over digitally altered photos, in 1959 The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals was founded and gained over 50,000 members, Facebook removes the ban on nipples shown in pictures of breastfeeding mothers, woman calls police over naked cyclist who was actually wearing shorts and more...
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    Nature Zones's newest music video called "Whole Day Nude" by
    Ton Dou. See here!
    See members' area for full HD video!
    Nature Zones LAPD says nudity OK at World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles. See members' area for more!
    Nature Zones Watch ClothesFree Today! We welcome recording artist Ton Dou!
    Available in HD in the members area!
    Nature Zones Produces its First Nudist Music Video!
    Now available in HD in the members area!

New Photos
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Visit beautiful naturist places through over 10,000 photos taken by CFI staff and members.
586 new photos added!
Including many new exclusive photos from the 2014 Burning Man and behind the scenes of our latest shows from Mira Vista Resort in Arizona and Dinkey Creek in California! Plus Ton Dou body painting in New York City and many new exclusive members photos!


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