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Clothes Free International's Core Values & Principles

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Traditional naturist values promotes self esteem.

We believe the human form is neither immoral nor inappropriate and endorse the culture of positive body acceptance. As a whole, we should set a common standard for our conduct across the world. Clarity in understanding our mission, our goals, and what we expect from each other is critical to our success of public acceptance of nude recreation. We must require complete honesty and integrity in what we do. Bottom line - We must set a good example. Keep it as pure as possible. Which it is!

Naturist values emphasize a decent, moral, family atmosphere. Research shows that children who grow up in a body acceptance setting tend to be more self-confident, more self-accepting, more sexually well-adjusted and feel better about their bodies.

American media and adult magazines have taught some people to view non-sexual nudity as pornographic. Do you have a wholesome body acceptance view? Pornography is the enemy. It harms the image of your otherwise, wholesome body. Even the bible teaches in Genesis 2:25, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. It is not about showing off your body, it is about being free.

We are first and foremost a video production company that produces an online show about nudist events, news and happenings all over the world for nudists by nudists. We concentrate on what we do best, and that is our photographic, internet and video production skills. Through this media we will both entertain and educate the public about wholesome nude recreation.

The core of our philosophy must be strong.

A poll on shows most nudists think swingers and others seeking sex is the biggest threat to nudism. When nudism is attacked, the fear that sexual activity is involved is usually the reason. Why give the enemies of nudism any more fuel to fight us? If the "nude equals sex" idea is the biggest threat, should we allow swinger or sexual activities of any kind at family nudist resorts and beaches? No. The only kind of nudism that will catch on with the average family of middle America isn't sexual. Nudists enjoy sexuality as much as anyone but should we cater to those who would sexualize nudism? It might make more money for some but it can destroy us starting at the very core of our philosophy.

Some people don't like being labeled.

Just like a person who periodically works in their garden might not want to be labeled a "gardener", the words "Clothes Free" doesn't label the person as does the word "nudist" or “naturist”. "Clothes Free" is catching on as the new friendly replacement to "nudist".  Many resorts are now calling themselves clothes free resorts instead of nudist resorts. The words "Clothes Free" points at the clothes that are gone, instead of pointing at, or labeling the person.

As always, we fully support and belong to great organizations like the Naturist Society, the American Association for Nude Recreation, Federation of Canadian Naturists, and the International Naturist Federation.

In order for nudism to really grow and gain acceptance in the long run, we need to keep it wholesome at all costs.

Some say adults deserve the right to have places for "adult" activities. But should this be at family nudist resorts at the expense of nudist families? When sexual activity of any kind happens at a nude beach or a resort, the public eye uses that to attack us. Period. By allowing sexual activities, the public will think it is an "adults only" thing, when in fact; it is a safe, wholesome atmosphere for the whole family that allows everyone to learn respect and have more self esteem.

We need to tackle another problem that seems to come from within. We need to stay united. It is necessary that we keep strong in numbers. We all may not agree on every nudist philosophy but we must not let that divide us. Friction among ourselves will hurt us all in gaining respect and credibility with the population at large. So let's all unite. Please help, not harp. Our society is obsessed with hiding what they call the "indecent" body. Together we can fight that. It is such a worthy cause.

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