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 CFI Membership Form by Mail

To sign up by mail:
Fill in this form and then print this page, then send it along with a check, money order or credit card info to:
ClothesFree International, Inc. (or just CFI)
PO Box 1096, Oakhurst, CA 93644 USA
Or Call Toll free: 877-261-6184 or 559-702-NUDE (6833)
Or fax this page to: 559-421-1909

Street Address: 
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Phone (optional): 

Method of Payment: Visa:  spaceMasterCard
We accept Credit Cards
Card Number     Exp. Date 

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IMPORTANT!!: To protect your privacy, the charge will occur on your credit card statement as: is the authorized payment processor for

If you have any questions call Staff directly toll free at: 877-261-6184

Check one box below:

Non-recurring One Year
Save $10 by signing up online here!

There are no recurring charges for annual memberships.

One Year CFI Membership
Access to all the new shows over the next year, plus watch all the past 230+ shows, photos, videos-on-demand, complete access to the site and all other benefits. Starts or renews your CFI membership.

There are no additional recurring charges for annual memberships. Just one time $59.95 for a full year. After one year, you may renew if you wish.

You will have the option to subscribe to the magazines below online after joining CFI or call toll free: 877-261-6184 or 559-702-NUDE (6833)
nudist magazines
CFI Members - Get Nude & Natural Magazine, Naturally Magazine and Going Natural MagazineSpecial rates to CFI members. This is a good deal. $31 for a year's subscription to N Magazine. Become a member of The Naturist Society in the CFI members' area and the CFI logo will be on your TNS card. $36 for a year's membership to the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) and a year's subscription to Going Natural Magazine, Canada's magazine for nude living. Subscribe to naturally Magazine for only $28 a year. The option to subscribe to the magazines will follow after continuing. 

I agree with the guidelines of conduct and understand
the etiquette at nude beaches, clubs and resorts.

As soon as we receive your payment we will e-mail
your password and printable membership card.

Thank you. Enjoy!

If outside the United States, your country's currency will be converted automatically when using a credit card.