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 About CFI's Photos of Freedom!

Our photo gallery is just one part of CFI. All over the internet are photo galleries of art, horses, scenic photos, regular photography, classic car galleries, etc. and they charge for it. Why would a beautiful naturist gallery be any different? Especially when it is done well, and by naturists. A good naturist gallery is what is needed to separate ourselves from the bad ones out there. The more people see non sexual nudity, the more they will become accustomed to it and have a healthier attitude about it  We need to charge because of high bandwidth costs and we travel all over the world taking photos and bring them to the public. Plus the funds go toward promoting the cause through this media and more. We have commentary on the ClothesFree TV show associated with articles online and the newscasters mention the photo galleries to see more from events. Plus, most of the new photos have words on each photo stating where it is and what is happening. We usually add at least a hundred photos a month from events we and our members go to all over the world.

We have photo releases and/or the contact source for each and every photo. We work hard getting permission from many photographers. Over 4,000 have been taken by CFI staff. Other photos are donated by CFI members. On private property at clubs and resorts, we have people sign photo releases or we use wristbands or other methods to insure privacy.

We require photo releases of everyone who appears on our show. UNLESS, we are taping a very public event like the Bay to Breakers with cameras all over the place and the participants are smiling and waving at our cameras. Along with that, we are part of the very few who would then use it very positively for the cause and the spirit of the event. We usually just tape ourselves experiencing different events. We ALWAYS ask people if we can do an interview and we ask them on camera for our records. Anyone who does not want to be on our show after we have taped, can ask to be edited out. They have many months before it goes to DVD. Also, anyone can ask for a free password to see the show online and also get a free DVD of the event if they were in it. Download photo release here.

Some people confuse nudism with porn.  Through education, nudist and naturist domain name registration, and teaching that adults, children, or any other group, need not be censored for innocent nudity. Simple nudity is not porn at any age, either on TV or a computer, the law is the same whether you are showing innocent nudity in a children's diaper commercial on TV or showing innocent children playing naked.  Children are definitely not sex objects just because they might be naked. As long as there is no visual depiction involving the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Here is the U.S. law: Children are not sex objects and we will never censored them and imply that they are. Censoring or pixilated innocent images of our children only sexualizes them.

Our galleries are NOT separated by body type (men, women, age groups), it is separated by location, like California, Mexico, assorted beaches, CFI Headquarters, etc. We have personally looked at every donated photo and feel they present a positive reflection of the naturist lifestyle and encourages them to visit various these places all over the world. 

Uploading your photos to the forums:
You DO NOT have to be nude in your photos. Send photos of resorts, beaches, friends (with their permission, of course), etc. Make sure you are the photographer of the photo(s) you send or you have permission from the photographer. Photos of someone staring at the camera with a worried look on their face is getting old. Find a photo of yourself smiling! Make sure you have permission from the people who are recognizable in the photo(s). Sexually suggestive or other inappropriate photos will be deleted without notice. Redundant photos of just your body in different poses that are not artistic will be deleted. Not allowed are unnatural, spread leg shots, photos that look like the genitals are the focal point of the photo, blurred faces, sexual poses, many photos of just one person in the same location, photos that for any reason gets complaints from other users, anything else we determine is not good for the naturist cause. Photos of yourself should preferably show you at your favorite clubs, resorts, beaches, etc. Try Smiling! By uploading your photos, you are giving us permission to use them throughout our website. We will never use your photo(s) anywhere except the CFI's websites or for promotion of the nudist lifestyle. If you are in a photo and want it taken down, let us know and we will take it down immediately. You can also send your photos through the mail to: CFI, PO Box 1096, Oakhurst, CA USA. We will scan them for you and send them back.


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