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Naturist sites are removed without explanation of the causes in the Russian Internet

On January 27, the site of Novosibirsk club "Helios" and its e-mail address were removed. The site of Novosibirsk club "Helios" existed almost one year ( Club "Helios"  <>, Novosibirsk, Russia).  It was the small modest page made on black-and-white 14 " screen monitor without the claims on refined design. There were the information about naturism  for uninitiated people, stuffs about club for interested contained, it is a little photos " without faces ", giving visual representation about our events, and how to  link with us to the people which have wished to become  the members of our club. Our site was built for local use, only for the inhabitants of Novosibirsk. But, despite of it there were in the guest book  recalls from naturists from all Russia and even from miscellaneous countries, America, Australia of Poland and many other, for example, excerpt from notes in the guest book:

Michal Kowalski

Sorry that I do not write in Russian. I know your language quite, but I cant use the Cyrillic in computer. Your page is beautiful and very interesting, specially interesting are photos about the swimming in winter. I am very interesting in this form of activity (swimming in a ice-hole, going barefoot on a snow etc - naked or not) I tryed it too! I know that in Russia and
Ukraine it is popular "sport" .I heard, that it is quite popular in some schools - for the health of children! Please - if anybody can - give me any other links about it! My e-mail is:mkowalski Michal from Poland. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winfried Scheidges
Hello Friends!
Your website is excellent. Only now did I get a chance to see it due to pressure of work. The lay out and the presentation of naturism and specially the image of Club Helios is excellent. Sorry but my computer does not have a Cyrillic keyboard. Hope that for next year we can revive active exchange links between Club Helios and Irish Naturists. By the way an overall
webpage in English for Foreign viewers might be a good idea?

Wishing you success and good luck in the future-hope to see you all again some time in Novosibirsk.

Best regards

Anton Fomin afomin70@hotmail.comHello from the representative of Novosibirsk naturism in distant Texas! Sorry about the using of English: I don't have a Cyrillic program. Guys, I really proud of you! That's really great! You do a very useful job
and this creative activity will help us to strengthen the ideas of naturism all around the world! Keep going! Be well! And I'll see all of you in one month!

Also on our site there was a small form for the townspeople. To our surprise it was filled by the people  living far and having no possibilities to arrive, probably, from sense of solidarity. By such way we have gained many adherents in all Russia and even abroad:
1. Name Artjom
2. Region of residing Deutschland
3. Age 23
4. Formation Higher education
5. Kind of work Programmist
6. Family status Single
7. Entertainment Football, Tennis.
8. My coordinates Aachen, Deutschland.
9. My telephone (0241) 401 79 71

 The sites were also  removed simultaneously with our site < The Bare Truth > < http: // >, St.-Petersburg, Russia
< Travel in Eden >   <>, Saratov, Russia, also were suffered Russian Association of naturism "Telord", Moscow, and , Zelenograd. The sites were removed suddenly, without explanation of the causes. These sites were built by public organizations officially recognized and
legally registered: naturist societies and clubs of the appropriate cities, which one  exist already more than ten years safely, without upsetting the laws, social order, offending and  touching nobody's interests during this time. National Federation of Naturism - organization registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation. National Federation of Naturism
is a member of International Federation of Naturism  under the aegis of UNESCO.
Whether not too a lot of responsibility is taken  by the sirs executing censorship in a network?!
And you though have eliminated one pornographic  site thus, or they bring you  the too good income?
I consider, that the similar shares upset the rights of the citizens on freedom of the information and self-expression guaranteed by the Constitution of Russian Federation.

We express the protest against ungrounded and unmotivated deleting of naturist sites and  e-mail addresses from servers.

Vladimir Solntsev

ClothesFree International, Inc.
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