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Going Natural Magazine
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About Going Natural Magazine

Keeping naturists & nudists informed since 1986 with news, photos, reviews, trip reports, club/resort listings and more in the world of naturism and nudism.  GOING NATURAL is a quarterly magazine published continually since 1986 by the Federation of Canadian Naturists.

  • News
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Trip reports
  • Complete club listings
  • 4 times per year
  • Discounts on merchandise and insurance

  • Only $55 (US Dollars), $60 (US Dollars) outside Canada or the USA
    The magazine's objectives are:
  • to provide English-speaking Canada and readers of English elsewhere with information about the many purposes and forms of naturism. 
  • to give news of naturist activities and outlooks in Canada and many other countries. 
  • to support both individual Canadian naturists and Canadian naturist clubs, resorts, camps, parks, and beaches. 
  • to be a forum where naturists may engage in discussion and exchange information, ideas, opinions, and stories about naturism.
  • What you get:

    or $55/year US Dollars, ($60 US Dollars outside Canada or the USA), you will receive the following:

    • You'll  receive an FCN identification card which gives you reduced day rates at many clubs in Canada, the USA and Europe. Your card also gives you membership in the International Naturist Federation (INF). INF membership is required for access to many clubs in Europe.
    • Four digital issues of the magazine Going Natural, the FCN's official magazine since 1986.  Two of those issues (Spring and Fall) will also be available in printed form.
    • Every issue is full of naturist news, photos, reviews, trip reports, complete Canadian clubs listing and much more.
    • Membership is divided into two classes: Class A Member and Class B Member. A Class A Member is an FCN member who resides in Canada, while a Class Member B resides outside of Canada. Both classes of membership offer the same benefits with the exception that only Class A Members have the right to vote at the FCN’s Annual General Meeting.
    • Most importantly, you will help our efforts to promote naturism!

    (Note: There is a different structure for clubs/businesses who join the FCN because their needs are different. Click here for more info.)

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