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Yes, you can sponsor our efforts. We will list your name here soon or you can remain anonymous. 

You can make it happen. Unfortunately, it takes money to make things happen. Asking for money is never fun. Our world needs to be a more educated, naturist friendly place. We here at CFI have so many plans that we can not implement simply because there is not enough money to make it all happen. Our growth is phenomenal, but we are having "growing pains". We need your help to fulfill our dream, and yours, of getting the mainstream public educated about simple, wholesome, nude recreation. Other organizations throughout the world have not been able to educate the mainstream public very well after many decades of trying. The general public is amazingly still in the dark and has no idea what good nudity is. We only have one agenda, to promote the acceptance of wholesome nude recreation through all media. 

We plan to use the internet, printed media, TV, radio, and set examples by not hiding our lifestyle behind great big walls. Many people have discovered the lifestyle through our online show, our articles, photos, videos and personal appearances. We hope to get our main show, ClothesFree TV, on commercial TV broadcasts in the near future. We are producing new broadcast ready DVD's, traveling and producing our weekly show and always taking pictures along the way. We have big plans that we simply can't afford to implement right now. Once we get past the financial hurdles, we will be fulfilling our dreams and yours! 

We keep most things free on this site so every visitor can get more out of it than any other naturist site on the internet. We have over 50 photos throughout the site for free. Our forums are free and very popular. Our is very popular and free.  Plus all the articles and many videos. ClothesFree TV with Nudes in the News is very costly to produce and has to be part of the membership to help cover the huge costs of streaming video webcasts. 

Whether you donate $5 or $5,000, it will all go to where it is needed to promote the naturist lifestyle through CFI. If you enjoy our sites, please donate. If you like what we do, you can help us do it a lot better.

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