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Show 195 one of the best shows!!! The girl from Louisiana had energy and beeing that transcends a whole new place for the CFI community!
CFI Member
"You have the best nudist sight on the web and I totally enjoy each "Nudes in the News" broadcasts."
Daniel Buchhol

To all at CFI/ClothesFree TV,

I would like to give a big thanks to all of you for supporting World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in so many invaluable ways over the last two years. CFI has made a huge contribution to our cause by providing web hosting and technical support for allowing individuals from all over the globe to organize local WNBR events in their own cities. This web space has allowed us to be more creative visually to inspire potential riders to get painted up and take to the streets with confidence and with a spirit of international solidarity.

In addition, CFI has provided a great deal of thoughtful and comprehensive coverage of the various WNBR and related events going around the world, as seen on Clothes Free TV and Nudes in the News. The word is getting out and we are excited to be involved in such a cutting-edge production. I don't know of anything like ClothesFree TV out there! The ClothesFree TV crew really are pioneers in a rapidly- spreading body-positive movement!

For Seattle's event I was fortunate enough to meet several of the TV crew in person at Gas Works Park and they actually got painted and rode with us through the city! They were very thoughtful and enthusiastic. The crew filmed much of our event and provided a great segment from the viewpoint of those getting painted and riding through the city that will no doubt inspire more people to come forward and participate in our upcoming rides. I just wish we could have provided better weather for the event this year.

Thank you CFI for supporting WNBR's global vision of promoting renewable, sustainable energy and asserting body-positive beliefs with creative and empowering international bike rides! I don't know where this event would be without you!


Daniel Johnson
The Work Less Party USA/The Rainbow Party
Body Freedom Collaborative at

Subject: Response from your mailer 
From: Hidden Valley Resort <>

Got your brochure.  Hidden Valley will honor the CFI card as a preferred visitor.  Preferred visitors get 20% discount on grounds fees and recognition as a special visitor that is aware of our life style and the policies that are common in our clubs. It's great to see what you guys are doing for the nudist movement.  Keep up the good work and let us know where we can help you. We would like to sign up as CFI members.  Do you take Discover?
Bob Ohlwiler

Thank you...
(snip)...You don't have to pay for a membership since you are a club.  Here is your free membership: Please fill out the form.  Thanks and have fun!

Mike Taylor


You're definitely the best Nudist/Naturist site on the Web, bar none!  Been a member for over a year now, and really enjoy checking in on what's going on and getting my Naturally Magazine.  You're doing a great job - thanx!

Subject:  How right you are!
From:  "M" <email on file>

Hi Mike,

I just read your blurb at:

I have been a "home bound" well apartment bound nudist for the pat 10 years.  The other major obstacle for me to visit a club (I thought this was the only remaining obstacle) was that I didn't have a car until a year ago.  Once I had a car I thought 'I'm going to finally get up the nerve to make my first trip to the local nudist clubs in Minneapolis' WRONG!  Both the Oakwood Club and Avatan have the very same limit you wrote about.  I was really bummed out after contacting the clubs and hearing "We are at our limit for single males."  Well I finally drove 5 1/2 hours into Wisconsin to visit Valley View and I had a great time at the camp.  Heck I even bought a tent and went camping after 15 years of thinking that I didn't like camping (only went camping a few times in cub scouts and it wasn't that fun).  I really enjoyed my visit to VVRC and I hope to go back soon. The people there don't believe in the limiting based on gender, in fact when I asked the response was something to the tone of "Why would there be a limit?"  The people I met visiting VVRC we all nice and friendly.  We were all there for the same reasons, to be naked, enjoy the outdoors and relax!  What does sex have to do with that?!?!?  I would have done this much sooner if clubs were more realistic about the whole point and purpose of nudism and not so phobic about the sex factor that the same clubs claim is not related to nudism.

[sigh]  If only my local clubs felt the same way.

Anyway, thanks for the words of wisdom to the nudism community to which I have finally joined.

M in Minneapolis

From: Brian Davey <>

What a great site, the best nudist site I've found by far and I've  seen a whole lot. The pictures do a wonderful job of showing what a natural thing our lifestyle is. I signed Georgia and I up for a membership right away. Keep up the good work!

Subject:  I love your site
From: "Mark Halbird" <>

Let me start out by saying that me and my wife love your site.  I think it really shows how nude recreation really helps people become closer by removing their differences.  My name is Mark Halbird. Me and my wife just had a baby and I am going back to college to become a school guidance counselor.

I think your site would be a wonderful way to introduce Jonathan (our son) to the wonderful world of naturism.

God Bless,
Mark Halbird

Subject: CFI is great!
From: "David B." <>

Hi Mike,

CFI is great!  Body shame is extremely damaging on both a personal and societal level.  I like how the "Photo's of Freedom" show that nudity can be a wholesome, normal, positive, everyday thing, not something to be ashamed of, and not just a sexual thing.  It's a great compliment to my site ( ) which is mostly text.

CFI's other features such as the "Why Nude Recreation?" article and "Nudes in the News" and "SPOTLIGHT" sections are great too!  Also I am very thankful for CFI's efforts to purchase domain names associated with
nudity in order keep them away from the porn industry.  Thank you very much, for the work you are doing in promoting body acceptance, keep up the good work!

David M. Blood
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Subject:  Gender balance
From:  (email on file)

What a great article you wrote about gender balance.  It is very true, sensible, logical and thank you.


From: "George Neuman" <>
To: Mike Taylor < >


Love this service!!! I printed a membership card for myself and my wife within a minute after signing up! Thanks!

George Neuman

Subject:  Re: membership
From: Joseph Magedanz <>
To: CFI < >

Thank you for the information. I also read on your web page about your goal to establish on the Internet a clear distinction between naturism and pornography and to eliminate the misuse of such terms as "naturist," "nudism," etc., by the pornographic sites.  My wife and I both work with students and the Internet and heartily endorse and applaud your effort. (Maybe could try a fund-raising plan to raise the money to buy out "" and return it to legitimate use.) Once again thank you for your response to our questions.

All the money coming into CFI goes directly back into the business of mainly buying domains like,, etc. just to keep them away from the adult sites. We are actively trying to buy but they want $100,000 for it at this time. On the other hand if we did a fund raiser and gave $100,000 to an adult internet company, they would get a big money boost from us and who knows what they would do with that. It is a tough situation, but we are trying to negotiate for much less. We are doing well and in time we will should have success. Thank you Joseph.

Mike Taylor


... I had a feeling that  your site was benign and you certainly bear that out. Good luck spreading the word about the marvelous good manifest in the absence of shame.

Very Best,
Jock Sturges

From: "mike ellis" <>




I just read your piece on CFI and all I can say is - It's about time!  I'm sick to death of people who think that just because you enjoy the freedom of nudity, sex has to be associated.  I only wish more people were as adult about this as you.  Maybe someday....but I'm not holding my breath.


I would have to add that I love your site.  I used to live in Long Island NY and went to the nude beach every chance I had.  Now that I'm living in Maryland, I don't know of any nude beaches or lakes in the area.  There area couple of nudist resorts but they are (unfortunately) "mixed gender" only. It really makes me mad to think that people are categorizing me solely because I don't have a female significant other.  I wish I could say it's there loss but I'm the one who is losing out.
Thanks for letting me vent!

From: bernie <>
Organization: home

Dear Mike,
Thank you for the work you've done on the web page. The pictures are fun and wholesome and let me see the joy of naturism. I have been to a naturist park several times (WTP Virginia) and am just realizing how relaxing, refreshing and meaningful naturism is and you help me to keep that in mind. I will try to send a donation in the next several weeks.
Thanks once again for a professional job.


Subject: Thank you
From: North Texas Stardusters <>
To: Mike Taylor < >

Thank you Mike for taking care of the address issue.  Please visit our web site sometime.

Here are a few pictures from our club you may use.

John A. "Ashley" Sharley


I hope you're going to have the pictures on this weekend.  My sister is coming.   I've been trying to convince her about the life.  I want to show her what a wholesome and great thing it is.  So I don't want to come on to the site and find out there are only two pics up.  Big disappointment. Isn't there something that can be done about that?  It must be a burden having the best site on the net.

Your site is a great one.  Love the picture of the two boys with the horse. The most natural, well done image I have ever seen.  By far my favorite. Speaks volumes for the nude lifestyle.  If only we all could live that way. My compliments to the photographer.  Thanks for the great site.  keep up the good work.

Bob Walter

From: UNC CH Library Patron <>

Nicely done in a very tasteful way. Thank you for presenting family naturism in its true light.

Here is a copy of an email we got from a Pastor right after a few local churches were able to stop us from renting Wild Water Adventures in central California out of public view on a normally closed weekend. I am posting it here with permission. This pastor said since not everyone in his Fellowship understands, he wanted his name removed although he is increasingly being open about it, right now might not be the best time.

Dear Corky,

I was very disappointed in the news about the event being canceled... especially on why the event was canceled.

As a pastor, it distresses me that other pastors and Christians wish to distort the Bible to prohibit activities which the Scriptures does not prohibit. In our congregation, we teach that it is okay to have our own personal convictions, but unless specifically spelled out in Scripture, we should not try to force our own personal convictions on others. We are supposed to be more interested in leading people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ rather than trying to force personal convictions. The Holy Spirit leads each of us according to His will to what He has in purpose for our lives. Not all of us fit into a single mold.

My condolences to you. I hope and trust the over zealous activity of a few well meaning but WRONG people claiming faith in Christ will not leave an overly bitter taste in your mouth.

I know a lot of time and effort has been expended in planning for this event. My prayers are with you as you pick up the pieces and plan your next event.

Pastor from a Baptist Church
(Name and location deleted for security)

PS Yes, my family are active nudists! 

Subject:  Shopping cart
From: Bern Loibl <>
Organization: Events Unlimited/Naturally magazine

Thanks guys. The shopping cart works great! It's a pleasure to work with professionals.

Best regard, Bern

From: "Roberto Camacho" <>
To: < >

No words!!!!

From: "D.P.P." <>
Organization: FlybyNight

Mike -
Saw your post on rec.nude and checked out the site.  Good Job!  It's great to see a non-porn oriented nudist site and the pictures you've posted are mostly top quality - unlike so many websites where the shots are the lowest possible resolution and just used to hook us into some other hype.

I also like the fact that you represent all ages and genders of nudism, not just single women in cheesy cheesecake poses - but couples and families enjoying natural times together.  You know what it's really about, Mike, and believe me, there are others of us out here who are not perverted creeps and who appreciate the hard work you've done.

Take Care, Buddy -
and Stay Naked and Healthy!

From: "Nancy" <>
To:  < >

you have a great site... please check out ours at

From: "Roberto Camacho" <>
To: < >

Hope that you'll continue publishing more of these extraordinary pictures.

From: "J.G.

Dear Mike,

I would just like to say that I enjoyed going through your Naturist photo gallery.  It's one of the best I've seen on the net.


From: Bob Reed <>
To: "' '" < >

Hi Mike, I am Bob Reed - President of the Free Beach Association of NSW Inc, in Sydney New South Wales, Australia.
I have just had a look at your photos page.  They are very good and a perfect way of showing naturism in wonderful settings. If there are any photos on the Free Beach Association of NSW web site you would like to use, please feel free to copy them.
I see you already have a photo taken at Cobblers Beach, Mosman, Sydney. If you have a look at our web site, under 'Latest News'  The Samurai Beach Carnival.  The last photo is the beach scene and I believe would be very suitable for your photos page.

Yours in Nudism
Bob Reed JP
e mail

PS This week we are celebrating Nude Australia Week.
Today's temperature in Sydney is 28C  A beautiful summers day and our naturists beaches are packed.


Photos of Freedom is a really fantastic web site.  Most sites are long on words and short on pictures but you really capture what it's all about.
The historical pictures are a good idea.  I remember that swimming hole picture- from about 1887 or something I think.  Just add more pictures and don't take any off. It's probably hard to turn a buck at this so I hope you do well.  I'm ready for the weather to get warm.


From: Jonathan Brill <>
Organization: Best Internet Communications, a Verio Company


You've gotten more than 105,000 hits in the last 24 hours.  In fact, you got over 129,000 hits. Which means it's shutting down every hour.  I can upgrade your limit to accommodate this traffic and have the new limits in place by this morning.  This gives you time to figure out how to make more money with more traffic and accommodate your users at the same time.  You are having a problem that I know a lot of webmasters would kill to have.  Who knows how much that would be without the site going down . . . If you want I can see what I can do about getting you a copy of the printout I get with the traffic and hits reading.  I'm told it makes an effective "nielsen rating sheet" for potential web advertisers.

Jonathan Brill,
Sales Rep

(We fixed the problem by sending Best more money!)
From: Brendan Healy <>

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that its a great site you have there ,thanks a million,


From: "Luiz Almeida" <>
To: < >

Hello, Mike. I want see more photos please!!   Congratulations for your page. tank's.


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