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 About ClothesFree International
Mission Statement:
To be a leading force in promoting body acceptance and the enjoyment of clothes free recreation.


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Positive naturist values promotes body acceptance and is a wholesome way to teach body respect and have more self esteem for everyone.

We are about body acceptance, age acceptance, families, couples, singles, etc. EveryBODY is decent. CFI approved places provide a safe, healthy, wholesome atmosphere for the whole family that allow everyone, including children, to learn and have a better body image and have more self esteem. Changing the culture for the better is a tough job but we are doing it one person at a time.

We are first and foremost a travel documentary production company. We produce DVD's from our travels all over the world and sell them primarily on We are an educational website. We are NOT a porn site. There is nothing sexual about our product. ClothesFree International is a vibrant network of people, in over 200 countries, who strengthen, protect and celebrate naturist values in this world. We strive every day to refresh our goals, protect the environment and unite people through education and understanding of the naturist philosophy. CFI markets naturism in a innovative and responsible way to act as a good steward of our natural God given rights and to contribute to an improved quality of life. You can start by joining us at Enjoy our show right now and learn more about naturism and how it can improve people's lives around the world. We are a young, ambitious organization. We are committed to promoting body acceptance through all media. We welcome young, old, singles, couples and families.

We are rated the world's most visited website in the Nudism category by Amazon's Our web site has over 30 gigabytes of information, photos and videos! We welcome all to visit us at different events all over the world. See Why Nude Recreation.

In 1999 we noticed existing nudist organizations were not maximizing the power of the internet as a tool to promote nude recreation. So we started CFI as an internet based organization that is now way more than that. We produce a weekly show that we can now afford to present to everyone for free. We are growing about 40% a year with about 15,000 members in five years. Over 60% renew their memberships annually. Our philosophy is to stay pure to wholesome nudist principles and then we will really grow. We are not competing with other organizations, we are complimenting their efforts by ambitiously working on filling the gaps that other organizations might be overlooking like getting on cable TV with a wholesome show about nudists and maximizing the power of the internet. 

We wish to help clubs and other organizations get stronger at fighting for the cause. A family that believes in wholesome body acceptance will want to be part of a club, resort, association, beach, web site, etc. that as a rule of thumb, anything not allowed at a church picnic, except wholesome nudity, of course,  is not allowed at nudist events.

There is so much smut on the internet using the term "naturist", we present naturism in a very tasteful presentation. We promote and recommend respectable organizations like The Naturist Society, AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation), INF and others.  These organizations do a fantastic job and offer a great service, but more is needed.  When we noticed domains with "nudist", "naturism" and others were NOT being bought up by other nudist organizations. We noticed the porn industry was buying those terms and the internet would then destroy any positive information the public had about naturists. More work was needed, so we started CFI.

We purchased the domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ( was porn for a while, now we own it) and many, many others that pervert the nudist and naturist names mainly just to keep them away from the adult sites. We are trying to clean up the internet when it comes to associating nudity with smut.  We plan to buy other domains that have nudist or naturist in them that are now being abused by the porn industry.  We tried to buy but they want $100,000 for it. Do not look up because it is filled with smut.  In time maybe we can eventually get that domain from them and that will help us all by having the term "nudist" not bring up porn pages. We started March 1, 1999 and already we are growing at a rate faster than we imagined and have more employees and  volunteers to help us. We welcome anyone's suggestions and want to work together and promote your clubs, beaches and organizations.

We want to use our 14,000 membership base politically to help change public attitudes towards people who enjoy nude recreation and present the unconstitutionality of simple nudity laws to the lawmakers. is the most hit of all nudist/naturist web sites. We get over 90,000 hits a day mainly because we have a very popular weekly online show called ClothesFree TV with Nudes in the News. Our staff keep growing and we plan to be all over TV soon to spread the good word of naturism. Our staff and volunteers keeps growing. We would love to publicize the positive efforts of others through our show. See: What others are saying.

We have no other agenda except promoting wholesome nude recreation through all media. Period. We feel if we all work together we can "concur the world". That is why we want to promote every other organization on our show and on our web site as one big happy family.

We want to promote your club, resort, organization, beach or most any other place that is clothing optional for free because you have the same goals as us! Groups from teens to adults, can join and start their own groups and be promoted here FREE, find out how HERE.  If you have a club and would like us to link to you at no charge, please send your clubs contact info to:  .

We have taken photos throughout the world and have been sent photos from many users.  See our Photos of Freedom. We have put up quite a few photos because the more people see naturism in action the more they will become accustomed to it and have a healthier attitude about it.

Some people confuse nudism with porn.  Through education, nudist and naturist domain name registration, and teaching that adults, children, or any other group, need not be censored for innocent nudity. Simple nudity is not porn at any age, either on TV or a computer, the law is the same whether you are showing innocent nudity in a children's diaper commercial on TV or showing innocent children playing naked. Children are definitely not sex objects just because they might be naked. As long as there is no visual depiction involving the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Here is the U.S. law: Children are not sex objects and we will never censored them and imply that they are. 

A long time ago Sears catalog was requested to take out the photos of children in underwear. Well, Sears' intent was to sell underwear only and they did not take away the photos. If someone else saw the photos as somehow perverted, they are the ones with the problem. If Sears stopped showing the photos, then it would only pervert the idea of kids in underwear, instead of being used to it as a normal thing. We are promoting a lifestyle that includes everybody, young and old. Say if another web site shows children only, everyone would think, that is bad. 

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We would agree. But, if we showed adults only, that would imply it is bad to include kids when it is not. If we blurred and cut out every child, this would imply that children are not decent or obscene. We would be allowing perverts to control our lives. We need to control and lock THEM up. If people with less that good intentions view our site, they just might cure themselves after seeing so many people young and old doing nothing but being nude for wholesome reasons. It puts sex in its proper context, like a married couple's bedroom where it belongs. Every BODY is good, decent and need not be censored. If children are sexual targets then we need to show them through naturist photography just how wrong they are, and that would actually mean MORE non sexual photos of them, not less. Why teach our children to have disgust at the sight of a mere naked body?

We welcome articles, photos, or any other volunteer work you might want to do for us. If we use your articles, we will promote you just about any way you want. Our main goal is to promote naturism and any money we take in only goes back into the business of promoting your freedom and covering any operating costs. When you sign up with us, your dollars will help us to promote clothes-free recreation, resorts and beaches throughout the world.

Have fun and stay naked!

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Greg was born in 1980 in Southern California. Greg fell in love with the ClothesFree lifestyle and is now a devoted NudeCaster and significant contributor to ClothesFree TV.
Melanie Pierce was born in Atascadero, California in 1972. She has two beautiful children. Email Melanie:
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